The Coomealla farms is comproised of six farms between Gol Gol and Wentworth, located in south-western New South Wales just across the river from Mildura. Importantly the Gol Gol property is centrally located for ease of logistics and forms the centre of local administration and the home of the fully equipped repairs and maintenance workshop.

The in-house mechanical workshop has six maintenance personnel who service and maintain all of the Duxton equipment.  The ability to carry out repairs and modifications to equipment and infrastructure in-house is a huge advantage and gives Duxton Vineyards remarkable flexibility and reliability, especially during peak seasons.

If there should be an issue with machinery during vintage, the Duxton workshop carries spare parts and is on hand to fix the problem immediately and get back to the important and time-sensitive job of harvest as quickly as possible.

This ensures all grapes are harvested at their optimum and is another reason why Duxton Vineyards can provide the best quality product year in and year out.