Established in November 2015, Duxton Vineyards Pty Ltd will showcase the best of the Murray Darling Region through its unique and diverse grape and wine offerings to the global wine industry.

Duxton Vineyards is a new venture administered by the Duxton Group and will produce approximately 85,000 tonnes of grapes a year, or 5% of Australia’s entire wine-grape harvest.

The Duxton Group is an alternative asset management firm specialising in investments in direct agriculture and Asian emerging markets. Duxton is one of the leading international participants in agricultural investments, with a global direct investment footprint and impressive track record. Its experienced specialist team has been successfully implementing agricultural strategies since 2006, with Duxton Asset Management currently managing or advising investments covering approximately 540,000 hectares of farmland across five continents. In Australia it has projects based in five states encompassing sixteen commodities. The Duxton Group will be providing administrative and back office services to Duxton Vineyards.*

Duxton Vineyards also engages some of Australia’s most respected viticultural and winemaking consultants to ensure that products meet the very highest of standards required from their astute clientele.

Duxton Vineyards brings a passionate new group of successful and experienced entrepreneurs to one of Australia’s most significant wine regions. By consolidating some of the district’s most exciting vineyards and applying specialised viticultural knowledge and techniques, Duxton Vineyards is poised to set the benchmark for Murray Darling grapes and wines into the future.

*The Duxton Group is responsible for the administrative and back office services of Duxton Vineyards. The Group does not provide investment advice or investment management services to Duxton Vineyards Pty Ltd.